The Amazing Butterfly & 

Fantasy art of charris Segal

     Cosmic Faery Dancer 2019 "8x10"

  Acrylic Indian Ink Paints & Metallics

                   On Cold Press Paper

What I made is based on what my mind created by itself. It began when I was in bed during the night expecting to fall asleep. When I had my eyes closed, I remember my mind creating different beautiful kinds of imagery. Everything was going so fast. For some reason, seeing this blue faery looking out to the stars turned out to be something nice and clear. I remembered the details. So I felt inspired to make the picture the next day. I took my time to get everything right. The violet temple from the inside is amazing and the door way to seeing the Pleiades star system is very beautiful. As for the blue cosmic faery, I remember her dressed in a loose flowing dress, and she was doing a ballet position. she was also looking out towards the stars through the doorway. 


             Original image is for sale.

             Original image is $320.00