The Amazing Butterfly & 

Fantasy art of charris Segal

      Life-giver Honey Bee 2020 "8x10"

  Acrylic Indian Ink Paints & Metallics

                  On Cold Press Paper

Bees are a symbol many things. They're a sign of good luck, balance, healing, prosperity and fertility. In fact they are one of Mother Nature's greatest helpers and they do create life. That's why I've titled this beautiful picture 'Life-giver Honey Bee.' Bees are precious. Not only are the bees known to make honey. They make the apples and lots of other food substances. Without the bees, we wouldn't live. What's mostly important is that we the people around the world must make sure that the bees remain alive. Some have collapsed and perished. Many think that it could be the pesticides being the cause and that could be true. Whatever is causing the bees to pass over, it has to stop. Where there's a will, there's a way. 

                 Original painting for sale.

               Original painting is $200.00