The Amazing Butterfly & 

Fantasy art of charris Segal

Small Mermaid In A Bottle 2019 "8x10"

   Acrylic Indian Ink Paints & Metallics

                 On Cold Press Paper

When my other image of 'Mermaid In A Bottle' got some nice views and comments. I was inspired to create another picture of a different mermaid in a bottle. This time, I created pink water inside the bottle. The reds, the oranges, yellows, and the purple colors is what even makes the picture stand out so well. For some reason, after I completed this masterpiece, it received so many good comments than the other one did. Plus, I can't for get that 'Small Mermaid In A Bottle' won for Honorable Mention in the San Clemente Art Gallery Association.  

              Original image is for sale.

             Original image is $300.00