The Amazing Butterfly & 

Fantasy art of charris Segal

            Solar Devas 2008 "12x16"

     Indian Inks On Cold Press Paper 

What I created back in 2008 is based on one of my memorable dreams. I dreamt that I was taking a look at my right hand. Suddenly a warm feeling glow appeared in my palm and it forged into a ball of yellow light. It reminded me of the sun and it was. The sun in my hand began to have white particles appear around it, and so did some black and other different colors in the background. Then came out of the sun appeared the solar like angels. The dream I had was amazing. So after that, I immediately started to draw and paint what I remembered seeing. Why I chose to title this picture Solar Devas instead of Solar Angels? It's because Devas is another name for these wonderful celestial  beings. 


            Original image is for sale.

           Original image is $835.00

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