The Amazing Butterfly & 

Fantasy art of charris Segal


              Born in LA, California 1986, Charris Segal currently lives in San Clemente. At a young age, she discovered her gift as an artist. She has always loved seeing some magical and mystical images. Fantasy artwork has always fascinated her. In the beginning, Charris took a few art courses in Saddleback College. Still Life, Two Dimensional, and Watercolor were those first steps. Eventually in the year of 2006, she decided to create her own style. She began to draw fairies, elves, angels, mermaids, phoenixes, dragons, and some other kinds of fantasy artwork. She became her own individual artist. She loves to draw and to paint with Indian inks, acrylic Indian ink paints, and metallics with some watercolor added in. Sometimes Charris will use another drawing media of advanced Prisma Markers. 

          In the year of 2012 and 2013, Charris began to create butterflies. She chose to create butterflies in her own beautiful style. Her butterfly art is based on both real life and made up butterflies. The artwork itself shows the beauty in all fantasy and butterfly pictures. Charris' butterflies are to let everybody know and enjoy the fact that butterflies signify growth, innocence, luck, purity. transformation, progress, spirit, joy, and personal journey. As for her fantasy artwork, Charris wants to spread a message to everyone that each magical picture expresses knowledge, drama, uniqueness, virtue, spiritualism,  and beyond imagination. Some of her fantasy images are based on music and song pieces such as Enya, classical music, some rock, pop, new age, and the hauntingly Netherlands band called Within Temptation. Most importantly, her artwork is based on what she remembers in her dreams, and when her mind itself creates different images while she spends some peaceful times meditating. Sometimes, other artists inspire her to continue and create more artwork masterpieces. 

           Another thing which is important, Charris sells her original artwork, her prints, and her greeting cards online. She also displays and sells her artwork out in public places. Plus, Charris has won many awards for Honorable Mention, 3rd Places, and 2nd Places in the San Clemente Art Gallery Association. The last of what's important, Charris does artwork Commissions for anyone. If you're interested in buying her artwork, or to have her do a commission, contact her through her email and she'll reply back.