The Amazing Butterfly & 

Fantasy art of charris Segal

            Exploration 2012 "12x16"

Acrylic Indian Ink Paints & Metallics

               On Cold Press Paper

At times when I have get bored, I would go right on ahead to create a picture. Usually I use a sketch book to draw my ideas and to practice. My own sketch books is mostly a guide in case I need to look at the picture just to get the shapes right. This picture I made is another one of my fantasy galaxy angel images. After I completed it, I choose to call it "Exploration." The only thing which turned out to be my mistake was the framing designs being unbalanced. Usually, it's hard for an artist to create perfect balance. Sometimes artists doesn't always get what they want with their pictures. But this picture is still beautiful despite the mistakes.  

         Original image is for sale.

         Original image is $400.00