The Amazing Butterfly & 

Fantasy art of charris Segal

  The Milky Way Unveiled 2019 "12x16"

   Acrylic Indian Ink Paints & Metallics

                 On Cold Press Paper

One of the most amazing things to see in real life is the Milky Way Galaxy. In my case I haven't seen it yet. But I do recall the time of when I drove far away from the smoggy cities. Good thing that I did because I remember seeing so many beautiful stars in the clear nighttime sky. I also saw some shooting stars. If only it was the new moon on a clear night, I most definitely would have gotten lucky to see the Milky Way in beautiful colors. Anyway, since I remember my star gazing experience, I was eventually inspired to do a picture based on the Milky Way Galaxy. There will be a time for me to go away again and to see if I can finally witness the universe on the new moon. It all depends on timing and the weather conditions. 

               Original image is for sale.

              Original image is $450.00